We have been in the security systems industry since 1999. In 2003 we expanded our services to include apartments. In 2006 we started selling through the internet with great success. We sell the easiest to install alarm in the industry and have the best choices in packages of any company we have come across. Buy the system with no contract, rent it at a great price or get a basic system free with a three year contract. We are your best choice to secure the things you value most. Our mission is to provide piece of mind and security to those in need. 24 / 7 the UL listed monitoring station and our service department are standing by. We know the protection of your family and property is very important to you so we are here for you. Every step, from your questions to set up and after will be handled by our kind and caring staff. Thank you for considering our company to secure yours.

Watch out:
Security offered by most company's require a 3 year monitoring contract. When you get a security system through us you decide whether you want a contract or not. You can buy the system without monitoring, get a FREE system with a three year contract or rent a system with a monthly agreement. If monitored, our UL® Certified 24hr monitoring center will be there to monitor your home day and night. If you choose to rent your security system with a monthly agreement you can cancel the monitoring service at any time with no hassle. Just return the equipment back to our office and that's it.
No hassles RentAnAlarm.com gives you the choice .... isn't that how it should be??
Professional whole-house protection in minutes. With "plug and play" wireless technology, installation is quick, simple and foolproof – no special tools, salesperson or installation technician.
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Installation Takes Less Than 30 Minutes

Through RentAnAlarm.com we are serving almost every state in the union. Don't find yours contact us we can still help.
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The biggest complaint about self installed alarm system is the programming. Your Alarm System will come preprogrammed. Sensors, zone attributes, entry-exit timers, account information, account number and even you code if you wish. The sensors will come with special double sided foam sticky tape and a label of were to install. The keypad and motion detector do require two screws that come with the kit. Because the programming is all ready done installation is fast and simple, don't worry. You may also call us to answer any questions that may come up.